I saw my first Irish Wolfhound during a dog show in Warsaw (Poland). My first impression — I was not sure whether I should approach this wild beast or keep my distance. The sheer size of this animal surprised me because of that I decided keep my distance. But after returning home my interest piqued and I decided I should research information about that colossus. I made a decision that during my next possible encounter with the breed I MUST approach this huge giant and touch it with my own hand just to see what might happen. I had to wait 4 years to have my next opportunity to see if I might lose my precious fingers. My second encounter with this wild looking breed was in Riga (Latvia). The beast was being holdback by diminutive blond woman who was dwarfed in comparison to this white giant. I approached carefully — I politely requested permission to stroke her beautiful dog (Isidor). This interaction was so amazing I spent the next two days in constant company with this gentle giant. After that 2 day intensive lovefest I made the decision that THIS was the breed for me. I was 5 long years before I was able to attain my dreams. In early 2010 I happened to see some photo of Irish Wolfhound puppies and I remembered my desire to make an Irish Wolfhound a part of my life. I bought my first Irish Wolfhound puppy soon thereafter, it was Barad z Wichrowego Czuba. Experience was so wonderful that 3 months later I bought another Sharon Wichrowe Zauroczenie and the following year I bought 2 more Wrotka and Diana from kennel vom Marchenmond (Gremany). Having only 1 of those calm and gentle giants is really not enough. You must have a houseful to experience the real pleasure of spending your life with that wonderful breed.