Russian toy — what ???? Up until a few years ago I wasn't sure what a Russian Toy was. I had to look up the name in the breeders' guide. My first encounter with this teacup — size breed was at a pet shop. A sweet, chocolate colored female — she was not for sale, she was a client looking for a doggy toy. She was so cute I couldn't get her out of my head. I inquired about the name of the breed and immediately I googled name and I found more pictures of Russian Toys. I I again was obsessed with thoughts of this miniature miracle. The best way to cure yourself of an obsession is to fulfill that obsession. So I rewarded myself with cup full pure pleasure, 2 kilos of love — my first Russian Toy — Elenka z Bursztynowej Kolekcji. The experience was too wonderful to have only 1 girl, so 3 months later I bought another Grace Kelly z Bursztynowej Kolekcji. Almost a year later came to me my first boy — Don Diego z Bursztynowej Kolekcji and sweet tiny girl Balbina Baba Hatim.